Concession Workers, Inc.

Payout Information...

Each event or festival is typically paid out within two weeks of the promoter receiving the invoice and then a check is mailed to you. 

Commissioned festivals can take longer depending on when the promoter himself is paid but we try to ensure that these events are paid out as quickly as possible.  Depending on the promoter, the average commission for alcohol stands can range from 4% to 6%.  Food and alcohol commission can range from 5% to 8%.  And food only commission can range from 8% to 10%.  All commissioned stands are combined for an event and then broken down by each individual that worked the event.  

Please ensure that you have filled out an application and turned it in prior to the payout date.   


Ways to ensure balancing and minimize losses due to shortages

*Make sure you ring in the customer order correctly. Read it back to the customer, accept/enter the correct amount into register and give back the correct change.  Count the change back to the customer. It is important to verify money received and change returned.

*Mistakes or errors on the register:  This would be considered an over-ring.  Print out a copy of the order and give it to your Lead or Stand Captain so that this amount can be deleted from our total sales sold, since these were items that were NOT actually sold. 

*Be aware with whom you are working and what they are doing:  Immediately notify your Lead or Supervisor (Angie) if you notice anyone doing something suspicious.  Rewards will be given for reporting those who are stealing.

*Do not throw away or use items that are considered chargeable items:  For example, nacho trays, cups, boats, etc.  These items are all inventoried and any of them missing from what our register says we sold versus what we have left  at the end of the event is considered a shortage and the money will be deducted from our commission check.  If unsure whether an item is a chargeable item, check with your Lead or Stand Captain for clarification.

*Be friendly and helpful to customers:  This will not only boost your sales but also will most likely result in a tip for your booth!  Making the sale an enjoyable experience will encourage your customer to come back to your stand for additional sales.

*Helping to  keep inventoried items together:  Help make the end of the event smooth by ensuring a more accurate count of the inventory items will not only help with balancing but will also allow everyone to get out at the end of the event that much faster!

*Keep your register drawer organized:  Have all your paper bills stored in sequential order to help ensure you give back the proper change.

*Use the register to tell you how much change to give back:  If you have difficulty with math, key into the register the amount given to you by the customer.  This will tell you exactly how much change your customer should get.  Count change back to customer. If you need to do it, print a copy of the receipt for the same information.

**Anyone not working the full shift for commission or hourly, will have their pay adjusted to reflect the number of hours they did work.**

**Anyone leaving an event without prior approval will not be paid for the event.**

**Anyone caught stealing or doing anything unethical which causes the loss of revenue to a promoter will NOT be paid, any events worked the payout will be applied to what was lost/stolen and will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation.**